Meet Mr. Randazzo

Kaitlyn Federlein, Writer

        I met with Mr. Randazzo, who is one of the newer teachers at Carle Place Middle School. He joined the faculty  the 2018 – 2019 school year. Mr. Randazzo decided to join the faculty because he loved how nice and kind everyone was around the district. Mr. Randazzo loves how close the community is here at Carle Place. But his favorite part of the school is his job working with his students. Mr. Randazzo is an ABA Life Skills teacher at Carle Place Middle School. A life skills teacher job is to use a variety of instructional strategies to help encourage the students and help them with their critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills. Mr. Randazzo provides learning opportunities that make content relevant and meaningful to all students. 

        I asked Mr. Randazzo if his plan was to always be a middle school ABA Life Skills teacher, and he informed me that being a Life Skills teacher was not always his plan. He actually majored in history and he wanted to work with kids. When I asked Mr. Randazzo what his goal for 2021 was, he told me that he didn’t have a specific goal. All he wants was is for his students to make progress and continue to learn. Mr. Randazzo continues to work with his students in hope that one day they will all achieve their goal.


Picture taken by Ryan Dunn

Finally, I asked Mr. Randazzo to tell me about himself. He proceeded to tell me that his favorite color is blue and his favorite candy is Sour Patch Watermelon. Mr.Randazzo also told me how in his free time he likes to surf. He told me that he enjoys surfing and has been surfing for over 20 years! Mr. Randazzo as a Life Skills teacher tries to make all his lessons fun. Mr. Randazzo has a lot to offer to our school as an ABA life skills teacher and he continues to strive for his goal and make all of his students’ learning experiences enjoyable.