CPMHS Club Spotlight: Culture Vultures


Giuliana D'Alessandro

Culture Vultures

By Giuliana DAlessandro

Carle Place High School offers many clubs that helps students learn more about themselves and the world around them. One of these clubs being Culture Vultures. This is a club that allows students to explore cultures outside of Carle Place. As a member of Culture Vultures, students go on field trips to different places including restaurants, Broadway shows, museums and more. These trips give students the opportunity to discover different cultures outside of their own. CV broadens students horizons when it comes to different cultures. For example, last year the club went on a trip to Brooklyn and visited a market that had many different stands selling food from around the world. This club gives students the chance to go to places they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to visit outside of the club. It opens students’ eyes to different experiences. 

Before Ms. Ferreira and Ms. Kelly took over, the club was run by Mrs. Gisondi. Before Mrs. Gisondi took over, Mr. Morse, an English teacher who retired a few years ago, ran the club. He lived in New York City and ran the club for a very long time because he was familiar with many places in the city. Now, Mrs. Ferreira and Ms. Kelly run it and are doing a fantastic job. They work really hard to make sure that the trips they choose will benefit the members in the best way possible.

Students should join this club because it is an excellent way to discover new interests and cultures. With the added bonus of hanging out with your friends after school in the city.