Norah Gaulrapp, Contributor


By: Norah Gaulrapp 

If you are into mysteries, sci-fi drama, a little bit of romance, & a lot of plot-twists, then this is a show for you! Manifest is a Netflix original series, it is about a family who goes on a plane and while they are on the plane, a storm happens, and somehow that storm transports everyone who was on the plane 5 years into the future. The plane was called Flight 828. There are currently 4 seasons of the show. The fourth season is brand new. This show takes place in New York City.  

Meet Michaela, Ben, & Cal Stone. Michaela & Ben are brother and sister, and Cal is Ben’s son. All three of them were on the plane when it disappeared 5 years into the future. Not long after the storm,  the three of them and everyone else who was on the plane, start to hear voices, as kind of a side effect from the disappearance. These voices are meant for good, but not everyone knows that they are meant for good. Michaela and Ben call these voices “Callings.” Michaela is a detective. So she helps out a lot in the show by trying to figure out why everyone on the plane came back and what the Callings are meant for. 

Personally, I rate this show a 5 out of 5. It is really good, and there are so many plot-twists, and it’s a good show to binge watch when you are bored. I binged watched season 1 in a day.