Mr. Kromer: Visionary, Leader, and a New Direction For Teaching

June 6, 2023

Mr. Kromer: Visionary, Leader, and a New Direction For Teaching


The email came in on Friday morning: “Seventh period works for me.” There weren’t any further details other than that, but it wasn’t hard to guess. Since Mr. Kromer’s introduction as a substitute teacher in Carle Place this September, his schedule has been hectic and time has been limited. With the school year coming to a close and Battle of the Classes approaching, the opportunity was perfect. In an exclusive interview with the Crossroads Path newspaper, Mr. Kromer discusses his first year teaching in Carle Place, his motivations to become involved in education, and his future.


Early Life

Mr. Kromer was raised on Long Island where he attended high school. He would move to Florida to pursue a college education and start his career. Citing his decision to attend college in Florida, “I always enjoyed visiting when I was younger.” He held fond memories of his time in college saying, “ I went to Florida Atlantic University where I majored in social science education and I loved it. I met a lot of great people, had great professors and it gave me all the connections and opportunities I needed to succeed.”


The Path Toward Teaching

Mr. Kromer explained the moment he discovered his passion for teaching, “Not until I went to college did I know that I wanted to become a teacher. I originally went into college as a marketing major. However, I got the idea as a freshman in college when I was helping other students at my school review and study for finals by creating study guides and review materials.”

During the interview, Mr. Kromer also elaborated on his path to becoming a teacher. “To become a teacher I took tests and completed workshops in Florida and this past year I had to complete more testing and workshops in New York to teach here. One test was about my content area and the other was about teaching methods and approaches.” As a result of his extensive course regimen, Mr. Kromer is qualified to teach a myriad of social studies courses to both middle and high school students.


Mr. Kromer’s account helps to reveal the extraordinary amount of work and dedication it takes to become a teacher. In New York State, to become a teacher, students must first receive a bachelor’s degree in teaching in which they study the subject they wish to teach as well as teacher training before they can take certification exams. While in college, students can help teach in local districts to help build up experience. Once hired, a teacher undergoes a mentoring program where they are mentored by an experienced teacher on how to teach in that particular subject area. Then a teacher can earn their master’s or doctorate if they haven’t already, once they begin teaching. 


Experience In Education & Classroom Philosophy 

Mr. Kromer’s grace and calm in the classroom are tempered by previous experience teaching in a Florida middle school, “I took my first education course and went to earn practicum hours at a middle school. It was then I realized that I had found my passion. I continued on to student teach eighth grade for a semester and then taught sixth-grade U.S history for 3 years. I always liked being a middle school teacher, but I’ve grown to enjoy teaching high school as well since arriving at Carle Place.”


In the era of the post “No Child Left Behind” policy, the tenet for education became teaching towards regional and national tests. Mr. Kromer aims to find a balance between teaching the material and teaching to a test. He emphasizes the ideas of collaboration, critical thinking, and project-based learning, but does acknowledge the fact that there are times when note-taking is necessary. In regard to his philosophy, “I would say that students that are engaged, respected and working collaboratively – succeed. I always have objectives that students are working towards. There are lecture-based days where I lead a majority of the discussion, but there should also be days where students lead their own learning.”


Experience in Carle Place

From the joking that lights up a gloomy day to the repartee about the World Cup, the students of Carle Place have taken a liking to Mr. Kromer. Part of that reason is that Mr. Kromer can relate to students without relinquishing the authority role that he is fulfilling. The balance of maintaining discipline and order while being willing to empathize with his students is a quality that makes students drawn to and listen to Mr. Kromer when work needs to be done. 


The feeling is mutual as Mr. Kromer has also enjoyed teaching in Carle Place this year. Reflecting on his time here Mr. Kromer states, “I enjoy it – everyone I’ve met has been very supportive and friendly, and I like being able to contribute to the school.”


Mr. Kromer even stepped up when the school needed him to become a class advisor. He explained, “I had the opportunity to become class advisor in September and I took it. It has been a great opportunity. There are a lot of things that need to be done, but when there is a big event I learn that the work we did was always worth it.” 


Looking back at the year, Mr. Kromer expressed his gratitude to have been able to teach in Carle Place, and regarding the future, he said, “It would be great to continue to be part of the Carle Place community.”



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