Christine Ceruti, Certified Master Athletic Administrator!

Steven Wright, Co-Editor

Christine Ceruti, Athletic Director.
Christine Ceruti, Athletic Director. Picture credit Steven Wright.

 In 1993, Christine Ceruti started working at Carle Place High School as a physical education and health teacher. Since then she has moved on to the role of athletic director, director of the physical education department district wide. Christine Ceruti is in charge of the 61 sports teams in the Carle Place School District including the scheduling, transportation and coaching. Christine Ceruti has been part of the New York State task force ever since the beginning of March, helping to make decisions on how to pursue the sports for the 2020-2021 school year. 

This past October, Christine Ceruti was given an award for her incredible work as athletic director throughout the years and her recent accomplishments during the pandemic. The requirements to be chosen for the award included, having many years of experience, taking professional development courses and submitting a creative final project. Ceruti used her virtual athletic awards dinner from back in March as her final project. Because of the lock down, the school could not do their usually Athletic dinner so instead, Ceruti pulled off an incredible virtual awards dinner consisting of video presentations that families could save and remember forever. Ceruti’s project was enjoyed very much by the judging committee because of its originality and creativity. The virtual awards dinner was the first ever virtual awards dinner in the country and led to the inspiration for many other counties across the country to create them as well.  Christine Ceruti has proven herself to be one of the very best athletic directors in the nation and we are very lucky to have here at Carle place.