Get to Know Ms. Port!

Deona Zani

Interview – Ms. Port 

By Deona Zani

Q: What’s the hardest subject you’ve subbed for? 

A: Math, because things have changed since she was in high school and she feels bad if she gives the students the wrong way to do something because it’s taught differently now since she was in school. 

Q: How do you manage looking after the kids? 

A: If there’s any issues she tells them that she’ll write a note to the teacher about what that student had been doing, but she hasn’t had any awful issues and all the students she’s subbed have been very good.

Q: What made you want to become a sub? 

A: The end goal for her is to become a teacher so she’s practicing. It’s also her first time working in a public district and to get started.

Q: What’s your favorite subject to sub in? 

A: Art, because she loves seeing what everyone comes up with and all the projects everyone has.

Q: Which grade do you like subbing the best? Why? 

A: She has subbed for every grade and all grades have their good parts about it. Middle schoolers are big characters while high schoolers listen easily and are fun to talk to. 

Q: What are some art school stories you have?

A: Once her artwork was in a show on the campus and the president of the university went up to her and wanted her paintings after she went to his house to have dinner because he had invited her over (was during the beginning of the pandemic) and the president had them on show.

She had a final project where she had to cut out colored paper for a project that was four feet and she had to stay up 4 nights in a row to complete it and it didn’t go well because the critic didn’t like it, she ended up getting an A minus.

Q: Why did you choose to major in art?

A: She wanted to do art because she wanted to work with kids and she wanted to create safe spaces and in art you can build community as well as have it be a safe space and she really strives for that.

*Random fact

 She has four birds at home because her aunt breeds them so her family takes some of them in.