Behind the Cause

Chloe Mosca, writer

Every year Carle Place High School students gather in the gym for the annual Battle of the Classes, Battling for a Cause event. The event is a way for the Carle Place community to join together to fundraise for a cause, and members of the community. Battle of the Classes is managed by the Carle Place Student Organization and the Carle Place Key Club. Last year Carle Place students came together to raise upwards of $23,000 for The Tourette Association, which is an association that helps to find services and support groups for people with Tourette Syndrome. Battle of the Classes is an incredible event that is not only an exciting night for students, but a way for the Carle Place community to unite, and help out a great cause.


This year’s Battle of the Classes, Battling for a Cause will be raising money for the Duke Children’s(Dr.Kishnani’s Pompe Disease Fund). Pompe disease is an inherited disease that causes a build up of complex sugars called glycogen in muscle tissue. The sugars build up due to a lack of the GAA enzyme which is used to break down the sugars. People who are affected by Pompe disease experience poor muscle tone, weak muscles, respiratory infections, and enlarged organs, such as the liver. The different types of Pompe Disease are Infantile-Onset Pompe Disease, and Late-Onset Pompe Disease. There is no cure for Pompe Disease, but there are treatments that help to suppress the symptoms of the illness. One treatment is enzyme replacement therapy where enzymes are given intravenously to help breakdown the glycogen in muscle tissue. Pompe is a rare disease, but through Battle of the Classes Carle Place students will be able to raise awareness and funds for Pompe Disease.


The money fundraised from Battle of the Classes, Battling for a Cause will go towards research efforts, and new treatments for patients affected by this disease. The patient Carle Place High School is recognizing this year is Sophia Giusto. Sophia is 4 years old and has Late-Onset Pompe Disease. Sophia began Enzyme replacement therapy at 9 months old, and continues to receive treatments once every 2 weeks. Sophia also receives occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and aquatic therapy to help her treat her condition. Sophia and her family have worked with Dr. Kishnani, a clinical geneticist from Duke University, in order to fundraise and research Pompe Disease. Sophia has inspired Dr. Kishnani, and other doctors at Duke to develop a more formalized research study on Pompe Disease. Sophia has been and continues to be an inspirational and strong girl who pushes through her disease, rather then allowing her disease to knock her down.


Carle Place Students can help fundraise money for Battle of the Classes in multiple different ways. Students can collect money from family members, set up a coin jar for spare change in their homes, and participate in the Coin Wars fundraiser at school. Students are encouraged to participate in the Battle of the Classes because it is not only a fantastic event to spend time with friends, but it allows students to participate in something that benefits so many people. This year there are many enjoyable events that students can be apart of during Battle of the Classes. These events range from Volleyball, to Kahoot, to an Inflatable Obstacle Course. Students can also take part in their grade’s Skit, which is a brief dance routine performed by members of each grade to exemplify school spirit. Battle of the Classes, Battling for a Cause is an important and exciting event that allows the community to come together and get involved in fundraising for Pompe Disease.