Max Buck

Sanjana Soni and Claudelle Cortez

The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes.” – Tony Blair 

The class president has many leadership and academic responsibilities. The president  manages fundraisers and events like the pep rallies. Max Buck is the 2019 – 2020 class president of Carle Place Middle/High School. Max Buck wants to get accepted to the United States Air Force academy, but he has yet to hear from them because many students apply to the academy.  Along with the United States Air Force Academy, he also applied to Mount St. Mary, Penn State, and Fair field University. Max has always dreamed of being in the Air Force, it is one of his life goals. Alongside wanting to get into his dream academy, Max’s long term goals consist of becoming a pilot. Even though Max Buck is going to a new school he will never forget Carle Place. When asked what he will miss the most about his current school he responded, “The friendships your form with the students and teachers”. He advises those who are entering high school to not stress as much and not to forget to have fun along the journey of what high school should be. This is because as he was entering high school, he was told that “school will only be as fun as you make it” and if you’re passionate you will succeed. While that is his advice he also has something that he regrets when starting high school, he wishes that he had worked harder as a freshman and encourages freshman to really try, because it will be worth it. Since Max Buck is planning on going to the Air Force he says that the person that inspires him the most is a man he met at a camp that became injured while serving the country.  Despite the injury, he was still positive about serving and protecting the country. 

Fun Facts About Max :

  • Favorite Club : Mock Trial and Senior Officer 
  • Favorite Sport : Lacrosse
  • Hobbies : Learning to string lacrosse heads and learning to speak Mandarin 
  • Favorite Carle Place Production : Mamma Mia 
  • Favorite aspect about Carle Place : The sense of community 
  • Least Favorite aspect about Carle Place : How Carle Place is like a bubble due to the small size and how when you grow older, and reach the end of  high school,you want to stretch your wings
  • Favorite Author : Edger Allen Poe
  • Favorite SO (student officer) President characteristic : Representing Carle Place and being able to let all of the students’ voices be heard.