Interview With Ms. Albert– NEW 8th Grade English Teacher!


Samantha Glynn, writer

I met with Ms. Albert the English teacher for 8th grade. She is new t0 the faculty for the 2019-2020 school year. Ms. Albert decided to join the faculty because she felt that the people here were very kind, and she liked the people that interviewed her for the job. She also felt that Carle Place was like the place she grew up in, Syosset, which is another town on Long Island. To her, people in Carle Place are closer than in other schools she has worked in. Ms. Albert said “Carle Place feels like a family.” That is why Ms. Albert decided to become a part of the faculty here at the Carle Place School District. 

I asked her if she was always planning on becoming a teacher and said that she did not always want to be a teacher, however, after having the experience of student teaching she saw that she wanted to work with kids. Also, her sister influenced her because she is a Social Studies teacher. Her sister helped her to see that she liked teaching children and that teaching would be a great career path. Ms. Albert attended Boston College in Massachusetts to pursue her teaching career.

I asked Ms. Albert how she could help the students at our school. She answered “I can help them realize that school matters because that is what I believe.” She decided to teach in English because she always liked to read and write so she thought that English would be a perfect fit. Her favorite part of teaching is that to her no two days are the same. There is always something new and different each day, especially in the middle school. Her least favorite thing is the early mornings. Ms. Albert is currently commuting to work on the LIRR, so she needs to wake up very early.

When asked if there is anything you would like to improve on Ms. Albert said that she wants to try to incorporate at least one thing in each lesson that is exciting or fun for the kids. That is what Ms. Albert has to offer our school as a teacher!