Should You Take Pre-AP World History?


Claudelle Cortez, Writer

For those that are in middle school, this is the article for you. I am currently a freshman taking Pre-AP World History, commonly known as APWH, and is being taught by Ms. Buffalino. I have only been taking the course for a little over two months now, but I have learned various things already. For example, if you are offered to take the course, you definitely should. I was very scared at electing to take it because I feared that I was not capable of keeping up with the workload. I have learned that the work is not as difficult as you would expect; it is just a lot of work, and to get a good grade, you need to pay attention, follow directions, and most importantly, learn to manage your time. In this course, time management is very crucial. Every Friday we have an assignment due that is pre-assigned, they are called weeklies. There are two types of weeklies we do, but both of them include reading book pages and answering questions on them. These weeklies can be time-consuming and should not be left for the night before since a week was provided to complete it; especially  when you play a sport, you have to learn and understand how to create time for work and assignments. Once you get the hang of it, you will realize it is not impossible. In addition to that, taking a Pre-AP course your freshman year is a great prerequisite for college, and it prepares you and molds you for your later years in high school if you ever want to take AP classes. It is important to follow how Ms. Buffalino teaches because she sets up the curriculum so that you do well and understand the concepts. If you get the chance to take Pre-AP World History, you definitely should!