Wordle! What’s all the hype about?

“The game that’s gripping the nation”

Wordle! Whats all the hype about?

Wordle is a popular puzzle game, created by Josh Wardle in late 2021, that is taking the whole wide world by storm. It’s the new trend, movement, craze, fad, that’s dominating the world. The premise of the game is simple enough to understand, the player has to guess a five-letter word within six tries. To help lead the player in the right direction, the boxes that the letters are typed in turn a certain color. If the box turns green, the letter is in the right box and is the right letter. However, if the box turns yellow, the letter is a part of the word, but it’s in the wrong box. Lastly,if the box turns gray, the letter isn’t part of the word. The word that the players have to guess is called a “daily word” and players get only one word to try and guess per day. The daily word is the same for all players around the world and changes every day. 


Why has Wordle become so popular? The answer is simple. Wordle is a game that is easy to play, appeals to a wide audience, and fun to play with friends. People constantly brag to others about their scores on social media platforms, such as Instagram, twitter, and discord. The game is so popular that it even has its own subreddit with more than twenty five thousand members. Wordle is so popular in fact that it has spawned countless knockoffs and duplicate websites all trying to copy the original game’s mechanics. Furthermore, Wordle appeals to people of all ages with its easy to understand premise and simple controls. I fully expect Wordle to succeed and thrive as a game, and wouldn’t be surprised if Wardle expands upon his original game to create sequels.