“With Language you are at Home Anywhere”

Kate Stellato

In Mrs. Perifimos’ 7th grade Spanish class we analyzed the quote: “With Language you are at Home Anywhere.” Here is what it means to me…

There are many different languages in the world. Each language is unique in their own way. Language is a form of communication and allows you to be understood by others who speak the same language. 

If you have ever traveled somewhere where people do not speak your language, you know that getting even the smallest things done can be rather difficult. Once you try to speak in their own language everything changes and locals will do anything for you. Being understood creates a level of comfort, much like being at home.

If you don’t speak the local language you will always be just a tourist or an outsider. There will always be a barrier that you will have a difficult time getting past. You can try to translate words but unless you speak the different language you will not get the deeper meaning behind what is being said. If you are able to master different languages you will see that this barrier disappears and you’ll be able to experience everything just as the locals do.

Once you have the ability to communicate beyond your native language you will have the ability to travel further and maintain the comfort similar to being at home.