Advice by Sophia: Question 4


Sophia Pittoni, Writer

Q: What are the best strategies for balancing practice and homework/studying?

A: Studying and having practice for sports after school are two important things you need to complete, but you have to find the best way for you to balance them. The students here at Carle Place are very fortunate to be able to have opportunity after opportunity for getting extra help from teachers or to complete homework. In the middle school, students are able to visit with their teachers during their lunch period. The whole school also runs on an extra help schedule Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, which gives students time after school to do the same thing. Basically, balancing homework/studying with playing sports comes down to time management and how you spend the free time provided to you during the school day.

My suggestion would be to do all your written homework first before studying. Or you can complete all of the morning classes’ homework first and then study. You can save your afternoon classes’ homework to do at lunch the next day. It can get a little stressful so, the days when you have practice make sure when to use your extra help lunch period to not only eat, but also try to do your homework for the day. Any homework you get in the second half of the day, you can save for your after school extra help period. You just have to focus on your time management and you can get everything do efficiently.