Edible Water Bottle


Hudson Hsieh, contribultor

Climate change is a pressing issue nowadays for the majority of the world’s population. We produce more than 300 million tons of plastic, and the bad thing is that this number will expected to double in the next decade. 50% of the plastic produced is from single use items such as straws, cups, and water bottles. If you walk down the hallways, I am sure you can not go a few minutes without seeing a plastic water bottle. Even more bad news is that only 30% of water bottles are fully recyclable, meaning that most of them end up in landfills or oceans. There’s a neat documentary on Netflix called “Broken” and it goes more in depth on this subject. 

The good news is that technology is getting better and better. There are many companies nowadays that are devoted to “going green” and creating items that are safe for our environment. A new startup based in London named “Ooho” invented a sort of edible blob that can hold liquid in it. The gelatin material is made from seaweed, which is relatively cheap and easy to grow. The average time it takes to biodegrade is about 6 weeks, a lot shorter than the 1,000 years it takes for polyethylene terephthalate to biodegrade . The company states the goal of Ooho is to elimate plastic single use bottle from the world. Try to do your part, by looking into Ooho, or purchasing your own “green” water bottle!


What are edible water bottles? – Surfer Today

What are edible water bottles? – Surfer Today