Gianna Iannucci, writer

Curiosity is defined as a strong desire to know something. Why do you and I ask the question ”WHY?”

Well, thank that amazing brain of yours for your uncontrolled curiosity! According to, not only does this wrinkly mess of gray matter control all of your body’s automatic functions like breathing, blinking, food processing and the beating of your heart, but it also empowers you to laugh, cry, create, dream, score a three pointer in basketball, learn, paint, beat your sister at Mario Kart, and…ask questions! The brain is the master of your nervous system and the source of your personality. No other organism in nature is as mysterious. Did you know you had a mysterious organism living inside your body that controls all of your thoughts and movements?

We do know, though, that it is important at a young age to help kids become curious. Curiosity often leads to children asking questions, and then, finding answers. When people become curious about questions they have they will find answers and learn new information. For example, think back to the hobbies you enjoy now. You might remember when you first found out about your hobby and how questions you had about this hobby led to you exploring how to be involved with it for yourself.

Stay curious, keep questioning, and learn!