Baking Cookies For Ronald McDonald

Rita Lin, Contributor/Writer

On November 13th, the SPARC members collaborated with Mineola to bake cookies for the Ronald McDonald House for the children and their families to enjoy as the holiday season is coming closer. The event took place in the Home and Career’s room at our school and under the instruction of Ms. Falik, the students made batches of sugar and chocolate cookies. The students than packaged baked cookies and filled an entire box to be sent out to the Ronald McDonald House. The result of the event was very rewarding for both the students but also for the children who want something sweet for the upcoming holidays. For the SPARC members, it was a pleasant feeling to know that a little bit of time taken from our afternoon could make a huge difference in a child’s life. To others, it may seem insignificant but the smallest of actions could incite the best of emotions and memories. And the members would like to thank Ms. Falik once again for making this event a huge success!