SADD Spreads Awareness for Red Ribbon Week

Alexa Mastrangelo

From October 15 to October 18, it was not only Homecoming, but it was also Red Ribbon Week at Carle Place Middle and High School, led by the club SADD or Students Against Destructive Decisions. The Red Ribbon campaign is a national campaign that is working to spread awareness about the use of illegal drugs and tobacco products. The campaign also is used to explain how these products can hurt so many people, especially since a person who uses these products doesn’t just destroy their own life, but also the lives of the people around them too. Over 88, 000 people every year die from an alcohol or drug related cause every year in the United States, making death from alcohol and drugs the third leading cause of death, that can absolutely be prevented. Moreover, about 21 million people in the United States from age 12 and older are addicted to an illegal drug. Thus, Red Ribbon Week started in 1985, focusing on educating teens, so that they have a better chance to live out healthy, and happy lives. Students in SADD decorated the entire school with red ribbons in the hallways and on doors, with helpful information sheets pinned up in the hallways and messages on teacher’s doors for everyone to read. In fact, if you were driving by Carle Place High School you might have seen the red ribbons tied to the big trees in front of the school, to make sure that everyone in the community was aware of what was going on in the school. Additionally, on Tuesday morning students from SADD were handing out stickers and bookmarks at the main entrance encouraging students to be safe and make smart decisions.