SPARC: Breezy Point

Recently, SPARC members went on a trip to Breezy Point, Queens where they helped cleanup the local beach. The members spent the afternoon collecting garbage, ranging from plastic bags to plastic bottles. The result of the cleanup was very satisfactory with around 25 bags of garbage collected. However, the garbage that washes up on shore is not the only problem. Sadly, there is also garbage in the ocean where marine animals like sea turtles can get caught and die; to prevent this from happening it is important for everyone to make sure they dispose of garbage properly! The members then enjoyed a delicious lunch provided by Mr. Krause and his family where he shared some pictures and stories from 2012 when Hurricane Sandy struck Breezy Point. Although it has already been years, residents of the neighborhood are still recovering from the immense damage caused by the storm. The members also had a nice walk around the neighborhood, as they walked one could note that the houses were elevated above ground. According to Mr. Krause, it is to prevent flooding from happening similar to when Sandy hit back in 2012. It was once again a successful and fun trip for the club and definitely one worth going back for.