2023 Awards Season: The Grammy Awards

2023 Awards Season: The Grammy Awards

Christian Ferrandina

2023 Grammy Awards

By Christian Ferrandina

On February 5th, 2023, the 65th annual Grammy awards took place in the Los Angeles Crypto.com arena. This year’s Grammys were jam packed with drama and controversy as some fans would express their strong opinions on the performances and Grammy winners that night. 

In this segment I will be giving my personal opinion and comments on the winners and performances of this year’s Grammys.

  1. Grammys host, Trevor Noah was seen interacting with many of the nominees and stars who were present throughout the night, one of the stars included 3 time Grammy winner Harry Styles. Their interaction would anger fans after it was said that Noah was “Sexualizing” Styles after calling him “World Sexiest man”, although Noah meant good intent it brought the opposite as Styles appears to be clearly uncomfortable throughout the conversation.
  2. On a more positive note, the opening act for the 65th annual Grammy awards was led by Latino Artist, Bad Bunny. His performance in my opinion brightened the overall mood in the arena, by being able to get stars like Taylor Swift up and dancing to his music.  
  3. The Award “Record of the year” was given to Lizzo for her song “About Damn Time”, which in my opinion was very deserving as her song included aspects of 90s pop, funk, and rap which came together creating an awesome, and therapeutic, feelgood song.
  4. Moving towards the dramatic moments behind the scenes within the Grammys, ETs Cameras caught the audio of a heated argument between Cardi B and Offset after the rappers fight with Quavo.
  5. The performances throughout the night varied from good to bad, although I enjoyed performances like Lizzo, Harry Styles, Bad Bunny, Mary J. Blige and the hip hop tribute, performances like Unholy by Sam Smith and Kim Petras were described by some as “too much” or “Demonic and satanic”.
  6. Harry Styles would experience one of his most chaotic nights at an award show after his performance of “As it Was” almost became a great disaster. At the start of his performance the circular turntable he and his dancers were one started to rotate in the wrong direction, causing them to have to improvise, and on top of that Styles almost fell off the turntable while trying to adjust to the accident. 
  7. Harry Styles also won album of the year for “Harry’s House”, his 3rd studio album. As he was receiving the award and giving his speech a couple of spectators decided it was a good idea to scream “Beyonce should have won!” and “Get off the stage!” to Styles as he was receiving his award. The spectators’ disrespectful behavior was what caused 12 time Grammy winner Taylor Swift to immediately stand up and give Styles her undivided attention and a Standing ovation,.
  8. Beyonce made history during the Grammys night by receiving the most Grammys in history by having a total of 32 Grammy awards. She was able to break this record by winning dance/electronic recording, dance/electronic album, R&B performance and R&B song this year.
  9. One of the presenters at the Grammys this year included a 64 year old Madonna. After watching her announcement fans were quick to notice that the camera would never get close to her face. We could assume that this was because Madonna didn’t want spectators to notice her “aging” and “plastic” face, which I 100% agree with.
  10. Finally, the winner of one of the most anticipated awards at the Grammys “Song of the Year” was announced to be “Just Like That” by Bonnie Raitt. This was a surprise to all fans, artists and even to the winner herself as Raitt somehow managed to beat the big artists like, Lizzo, Harry Styles, ABBA, Kendrik Lamar, Taylor Swift, Adele, and Beyonce. Personally I disagree with this winning, after listening to “Just Like That” I came to the conclusion that although it was a great song, it just wasn’t on par with the other nominations, in other words I believe that artists like Taylor Swift, Styles, and Adele were robbed of this award.