Review: Wakanda Forever


Christian Ferrandina

Wakanda Forever Review

By Christian Ferrandina

A satisfying sequel to the first installment, Black Panther Wakanda Forever  perfectly balances its aspects of drama, comedy, and action in a way that truly speaks well to its fans. With the absence of Chadwick Boseman due to his untimely death in 2020 the film prioritizes carrying on his legacy throughout the movie while also maintaining a well written overarching story. 

Director, Ryan Coogler was able to formulate the movie so that it truly connects to its audience on an emotional level, through focusing on the grieving of Shuri, played by Letitia Wright, and Ramonda, played by Angela Bassett, the sister and mother of Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther. 

With the Introduction of new characters such as Riri Williams(Ironheart) played by Dominique Thorne, and Namor the main antagonist of the movie, played by Tenoch Huerta.

The Main antagonist Namor in my opinion is one of Marvel Studios most impactful, and jaw dropping villains, with his unique heritage and attire. 

Marvel Studios also asked Singer/ Songwriter Rhianna to write “Born again” and “Lift Me Up” in tribute to Chadwick Boseman.

To Sum it all up Black Panther Wakanda forever is not only a sequel to Black Panther, but is a love/tribute letter to the great Chadwick Boseman.