P.S. I Love You Day: A Sea of Purple


Abigail Han, Eliana Lamahoui, & Hana Zhang

Hana, Editor

P.S. I Love You Day: The day for people to be reminded that no matter what happens in life, remember that you are never alone

On February 11th, Carle Place joined other schools from across the nation in this suicide-awareness movement. 

Members of S.A.D.D. decorated the middle and high school – leaving messages of love and kindness on lockers, putting up motivational quotes, and setting up a poster in the lobby. 

Students joined in on P.S. I Love You Day by wearing purple, which supported the message of kindness and also that mental health is just as important as physical health.

Brooke DiPalma, the creator of P.S. I Love You Day, reminds people that “It’s not easy, but with time it will get better.”