Spider-Man No Way Home (Two)


Christian Ferrandina

Spider-Man No Way Home

By Christian Ferrandina 

The MCUs (Marvel Cinematic Universe) latest movie “Spider-Man No Way Home” has been recently released into theaters last week, and I must say that after experiencing the movie first hand last Saturday, this movie will go on my top five favorite movies of all time, and that could be the same case for you after watching this movie. 

Now let’s start with the scores Spider-Man No Way Home received in the past couple of days. Before I reveal the scores to you, this movie has only been released for a couple of days and most scores will be subject to change, but as of December 21 here are the results.

 First, Rottentomatoes.com gave the movie a 94%, Top critic Oliver Jones of the Observer magazine said “The season’s hottest movie has it all! Psychedelic visuals, a coterie of supervillains, more Marisa Tomei than ever, and Tom Holland maturing into his role.”(Jones) 

Next, rating being the rotten tomatoes audience score have a whopping 99% of viewers of the Spiderman movie rating it a 5/5. To put this in context 25,000 have given their rating for Spider-Man no way home and only 250 of those 25000 people have given it less than a 5/5.

Some other ratings are 9/10 given by IMDB and a 4/5 given by common sense media.

 When it was announced that a new Spider-Man movie was in development, all marvel fans including me, were sitting at the edge of our seats waiting for something about the movie to be announced, which as a result took a while. However, now I can say and I am sure everyone else who watched the movie can say that it was worth the wait.

 In my opinion Spider-Man no way home has it all, from fast action packed fight scenes, to emotional and nostalgic reunions with our beloved heroes. For all these reasons this is why I personally put Spider-Man no way home at the top of not only my favorite marvel movies of all time but also my favorite movie of all time.


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