Ubotie Keyboard Review: useful or useless?


Alyson Yuen

Ubotie Keyboard Review: useful or useless?

By: Alyson Y.

In the year 2022, electronic devices have become more important than ever during work and school. It is a way to stay connected without the risks of meeting in-person. Many people have opted to stay online to prevent getting sick. As a result, using computers and laptops to complete assignments is more of a common sight now than it was before 2019. If you feel that you fit the criteria of a person who depends on technology for their work, the Ubotie keyboard could be of use to you.

One of the biggest pros of the Ubotie keyboard is its price. At $40-$60, it is considerably cheaper than the average keyboard yet works just as well. Typically, you will find that keyboards range anywhere from $100 to $1000. There are variations in size and color, and the price fluctuates depending on these traits. However, these will not affect its functionality as all versions of the Ubotie keyboard work similarly.

For the low cost, this keyboard is practically a steal for how nice it looks. It is very aesthetically pleasing, coming in colors of green, blue, pink, purple, orange, and a mixture of shades. The design is simple, though it does not feel cheap. Compared to the usual black or white keyboard, the Ubotie keyboard is a colorful addition that can make your workspace more interesting. This keyboard has a retro feel to it that many people could enjoy. 

In terms of usability, it is not difficult for new users to adapt to. The keyboard comes with a pamphlet that gives a simple explanation for the shortcuts and special keys. The Ubotie keyboard can work well with both Windows and Mac systems and it is easy to switch modes. It is not particularly complicated; there are no lights or special programs to download with it. If you want a keyboard that works well and works efficiently, Ubotie is the perfect choice.

However, something that could be a problem or a bonus is its volume. When typing, the keys are very loud, similar to a typewriter. Some people may enjoy the sound, though others may find it distracting. Personally, I enjoy the Ubotie keyboard’s typing volume so I see it in a positive light, though this is all subjective to the consumer.  

I highly recommend the Ubotie keyboard if you have a laptop or computer and want something that is easy to use, pretty, and cheap. It is no replacement for a high-end keyboard if for example you are a gamer, but it is perfect for working at home. If you buy the Ubotie keyboard, you won’t regret it.