Song Recommendations You Should Check Out! (Pt. 2)


Hana Zhang and Claudelle Cortez


The Happy Fits, ‘Mary’

Genre: Indie Rock
Duration: 3 minutes, 14 seconds

This song has one of the most unique live performances I’ve ever seen. Calvin Langman, one of the members of the New Jersey trio, plays the cello…standing up! He plays electric cello, which definitely adds a unique edge to their sound. This definitely sets them apart from other rock bands and adds to their presence. My favorite performance (which shows the cellist in all his glory) is The Happy Fits – Live at House of Independents, starting at 4:10. My favorite lyrics are “Oh, to feel Mary’s loving, to feel Mary’s loving, little lamb” as The Happy Fits allude to the innocent nursery rhyme, Mary Had A Little Lamb, which I find funny, yet also creatively genius. I like how the drummer starts the song with his vocals, then also ends it, his voice perfectly fits the genre of rock.

half•alive w/ Orchestra, ‘still feel’

Genre: Indie Pop
Duration: 4 minutes, 22 seconds

A newer rendition of their breakout song ‘still feel’, half•alive combines an orchestral feel with their same original lyrics. Although the original song is still good, I certainly prefer the orchestral version better. With the upbeat backing, one might have to take a closer listen to the lyrics, as the lyrics are pretty sad. This song compares the feeling of hopelessness to being in space, endlessly floating through gravity. Before I read the Genius lyric analysis by the band member Josh, I instantly thought of the 2013 movie Gravity with Sandra Bullock. It’s interesting because Josh actually alluded to Gravity, specifically the scene where Dr. Stone seems to be endlessly floating through space, with no hope in her heart. My favorite lyrics are “And this heart that beats inside of me will show” because it’s the pivotal moment within the song when hope is back in the heart, and there’s no longer a feeling of weightlessness. 


Gracie Abrams, ‘Camden’

Genre: Indie Pop
Duration: 4 minutes, 6 seconds

On the fourth track of her first EP, Gracie Abrams displays full vulnerability as she sings about the intrusive thoughts that plague and haunt her mind. She dives into her insecurities and her deep desire for validation from others. My favorite lyrics would be “All of me, a wound to close / But I leave the whole thing open / And I just wanted you to know / I was never good at coping”. There is something so heartbreaking about realizing that you’re hurt, yet still are subjecting yourself to pain, whether it is through self-sabotage, uncontrollable circumstances, or another reason.

Apart from her lyricism, I love the use of instrumentals and layering throughout the song. The buildup and the ultimate drop during the bridge is just what ‘Camden’ needed as an emotional song. The strong piano combined with Gracie’s soft vocals brings a sense of comfort, like a lullaby singing you to sleep. This circles back to her songwriting as this could be seen as Gracie’s own way of consoling herself. Acknowledging her own pain brings a sense of understanding which can aid her in healing what’s broken.

Beabadoobee, ‘If You Want To’

Genre: Indie Rock
Duration: 3 minutes, 43 seconds

A song initially being about her insomnia, Beabadoobee’s fans have turned ‘If You Want To’ into a love song. With a memorable and bittersweet feel, ‘If You Want To’ is perfect to play whether you’re just relaxing, doing homework, or just want to enjoy good music. The lyrics follow Bea’s experience with not being able to sleep at night, with experiences such as sleep paralysis and having “bed bugs” in her mind. My favorite lyrics are, “’Cause if you want, you could / stay with me in my bed / If you want to, only if you want to”. In fact, this is the section that led fans to perceive the song romantically. In an interview, Bea explains that this line references how she would sleep better if she had her boyfriend there with her. The idea of someone being able to help you with something so crucial such as sleeping simply with their presence is something I’m fond of.