CP Trunk or Treat: Recap

Connor Iadevaia

Trunk or Treat 

By Connor Iadevaia

On Saturday, October 23, there was a trunk or treat! This was organized by the school and kids from all around the neighborhood got to participate! I was lucky enough to go there and see it for myself. When I first walked up to the school I could see a huge sign that said, “Trunk or Treat” . As I went in I saw many clubs and teachers that were handing out candy at their own tables. Many clubs like SADD, Sparc, and Builders club were there! Some teachers like Mrs.Tully and Mrs Foufas were fortunate enough to help out their clubs! Parents and other adults brought their cars and decorated them for Halloween too!! Every car was decorated in many different themes; including: a crime scene, the movie It, the movie Trolls, spiders, skeletons, pumpkins, grave stones, etc. I also saw many different costumes and kids. For example, I saw inflated costumes, Harry Potter, superheroes, skittles, witches, and disney characters. I loved seeing all these costumes and how creative people can get with things! Many cars were also handing out the classic candies like snickers and lollipops. I saw buckets and buckets of candy that people in town were nice enough to buy. This year’s trunk or treat was a great way for the school and the community to come together and make something enjoyable for the upcoming Halloween. I was glad to be able to see it and experience the fun and exciting event!