Annie Jr: Recap!

Isabella Cezario and Chloe Lee

Annie Jr: Recap!

By: Isabella Cezario & Chloe Lee

Background information on play:

The play is about a girl named Annie and she becomes an orphan. She is put in an orphanage that is run by the mean Miss Hannigan, but Annie still holds on to the thought that her parents left her there by mistake. Then all that changed when “Daddy” Warbucks, a rich man, let one orphan stay with him which was Annie. While she was settling in all she wanted to do was to meet her parents. So “Daddy” Warbucks announced a search for them and a reward, which will bring out many frauds.

Interview: Katherine Mazaroski

We interviewed Katherine Mazaroski, who is playing Pepper, about the play and got some more information on it. The cast for Annie Jr. practiced for about 2 months filming and practicing the play. Each rehearsal was about 2 hours after school. Because of Covid-19, the play was filmed like a movie. They filmed it scene by scene, and edited it all together.  They wore clear masks so the camera could see there faces. Also because of COVID-19, there was no live audience. Everyone watched the play virtually. Katherine described filming the play fun and said that she liked the costumes.

Cast of Annie:

Annie: Adina  Fiderer

Molly: Ciana Kropp

Tessie: Guilianna D’Alessandro

Kate: Niki Skulikidis

Duffy: Evangeline Reinoso

Pepper: Katherine Mazaroski

July: Alessandra Canzonari

Mr. Warbucks: Brian Ruiz

Sandy the dog: Kole Ciccone

Miss Hannigan: Daniella Falco

Grace: Carolina Viegas

Lily: Reese Aguilar

Rooster: Pablo Patino

Bert Healy: Connor Iadevaia

President Franklin D. Roosevelt: Luis Solano

Stage Manager: Ishaan Gomes

Stage Crew: Jason Cuhna, Jacqueline Romero, Amy Burch, Lily Mancuso

Director, Producer, & Choreographer: Mrs. Gisondi

Scenery: Mr. Krause