Lost and Found Music Studios Review


Giulianna Canzoneri, Writer, Contributor

Lost and Found Music Studios Review

By Giulianna Canzoneri

Lost and Found Music Studios (or Lost and Found) is a show on Netflix. The show was filmed in 2016 and is a Netflix original. In the show there is a lot of singing, dancing, and drama. There are many main musicians, girls and boys. The show is about a bunch of young musicians that become friends and write songs together. The show has 2 seasons. I rate this show five stars because it’s really about a bunch of young girls and boys recognizing their love of music. Mr T. the owner of the place allows the kids to make bands and perform music throughout the season. 

There is a lot of drama with some of the girls in the show. Leia and Maggie both like Luke and Luke has no idea. Then Leia makes a band with just Rachel and Maribelle. Leia gets jealous easily, especially when Rachel got to perform instead of her for welcoming the new students. Rachel is Leia’s best friend and the two girls have an on and off relationship. In the beginning of the show, you can even tell Rachel has some kind of hate towards Leia’s attitude. 

Another super important character of the show is Luke. He creates a band called Pink Midnight. (Originally called Mutt Cracker). His friend John has problems with talking to one of the Next Step girls, Michelle. Next Step is another show produced by the same people. Just dancing instead of singing. The drummer of Pink Midnight is James and he didn’t even get into Lost and Found but Luke liked his talent so they let him into the band. 

Overall, this show can be really inspiring for young musicians or singers like me who want to join a band and have fun with your friends performing on stage.