Review on WandaVision: First 5 Episodes


Connor Iadevaia, Writer, Contributor

Review on WandaVision: First 5 Episodes

By Connor Iadevaia

This brand new exciting series Wandavision is now on Disney Plus and I’m loving it. Wandavision is basically about Wanda, a Marvel avenger character who takes hold of a town to make it her own reality. This becomes a sitcom from different time periods. This takes place after endgame which is a marvel movie that had enormous effects on all MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) characters. During the movie before endgame called infinity war, Thanos, a titan, who all the Marvel characters eventually defeat in endgame kills Vision. Vision is Wanda’s soulmate and she loves him. Unfortunately during Infinity War, Thanos kills Vision. Wanda is heartbroken and was still devastated after endgame and defeating Thanos. She is desperate for Vision so Wanda breaks into where Vision’s corpse is and takes it. 

Although Wanda already had powers of mind control she mysteriously brings back Vision and makes a new reality. She holds a town hostage and lives a perfect life with Vision. This was all working out wonderfully for Wanda until S.W.O.R.D found out. S.W.O.R.D is a secret government organization that finds out about what Wanda did. This government organization sends two different people to check on what’s happening. Wanda sees this and during the night see comes out of her perfect reality and warns the people who are disrupting her town to stay away. This is how the fifth episode ended and the sixth episode comes out on Disney plus on February, 12! 

So far I would review the first five episodes a 10 out of 10. Although the first three episodes were a little bit confusing, I still enjoyed the rest of the episodes. I thought the plot was really cool and I liked how characters from different Marvel movies were in this. Wandavision is a great series for Marvel or even sci-fi fans. I would highly recommend this show if you have Disney plus. Wandavision combines a great creativity and plot of a Marvel movie!