Apple Spring 2021 Event: Tons of New Products!


Connor Iadevaia, Writer, Contributor

Apple Spring 2021 Event: Tons of New Products!

By Connor Iadevaia

In March 2021, Apple was said to be revealing tons of new products, including: a new Ipad Pro, Airpods, Airpods pro, and Apple Glasses. In previous years Apple dropped a bunch of product announcements during March. It has not been confirmed yet but most likely will happen. In this upcoming spring we are expected to see the new Ipad and Airpods models, both pro and standard versions. There are some other rumors about Apple releasing some details about Apple TV and Apple airbags. The upcoming refresh of the Ipad Pro will have a few interesting tweaks. For example, we are anticipating a new mini-LED panel instead of the existing LCD one. These new lights should give the already impressive screen better colors and contrast. 

Another exciting product will be Airpods Pro 2 which are most likely going to debut in the spring event. These new airpods are going to keep most of the same features but a small redesign. This will chop off the stems leaving the airpods with a more traditional rounded earbud shape. Something that is going to be in the future of airpods would be a third version. These would have more of a drastic change and could be rebranded as AirPods Lite. 

Besides some of the Apple products that we already know if there’s going to be something called Apple AirTags. Apple airtags are basically small circular trackers that you can place onto any object you lose often. This is closer to the Find My Iphone app on your own iphone. Apple airtags could be something else they release at the spring event.  

Last but not least Apple is going to come out with Apple TV. This is another streaming box that has been long rumored to be ready for an announcement. The biggest change is the internal hardware which will make navigating on the streaming service easier. This also has been rumored to come with an easier remote control that was one of Apples weak points. 

All of these new Apple products are sure to be exciting and technology is definitely improving. Look out for Spring 2021 because you will have your mind blown by Apple!!