Midterms: Tips & Tricks

Norah Gaulrapp and Giulianna Canzoneri

Midterm Tips and Tricks
By Giulianna Canzoneri and Norah Gaulrapp

This is our first year of midterms since we are in 7th grade, but we have learned some midterm tricks and tips that we can share with you!

Don’t study the night before. Always study the week before or two weeks before so that way you have more time to go deeper into the subject. If you study the night before you would have to cram in all your subjects at once and not separately.

Work on the review packets that your teacher hands out in class. The teacher gives out review packets for a reason. They give them to you so that you can study with them and work on them to study. They may have material in them that you don’t remember from the first day of school.

Don’t stress out too much. The test may give you jitters, but you have the ability to control that by doing meditation and some breathing exercises. If you don’t know anything about meditation, ask Mr. Santoro. He will give you plenty of options.

Make a practice test. Making a practice test will help with the real one because you will already know what to expect. Teachers have told all of us what to expect and that it won’t be something you didn’t learn.

Get a good night’s sleep the night before. You don’t want to take the test when you’re tired because you won’t remember anything. You get a good night’s sleep and you will be ready to take the test.

TAKE YOUR TIME ON THE TEST!! A lot of people don’t take their time on the test. It’s not a race to see who can finish their test first.
These tips are not just for midterms, they can be for any test that you may take. Whether it’s an exam or just a unit test, you can use these tips to resolve stress.