Christmas During the Corona Virus

Grace Kang, Writer, Contributor

The year 2020 has brought all different challenges for everyone. However, 2020 is coming to a close and that means it’s time for the holiday season whether that is Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, Kwanza, or more! It seems that the feeling of the holidays are definitely here, and the decorations are a big giveaway. Many houses are decorated with bright lights and big Christmas trees. Driving by these houses  bring a big feeling of excitement and joy! Even though looking at decorations may not seem like much, it can definitely bring a smile to our faces. I reached out to a few of my friends, and asked them for photos of their decorated homes!

You can find them below:


This house was decorated with white lights, a brightly lit Christmas tree, and tinsel filled with lights. Seeing the decorations bring a feeling of warmth this winter and during this holiday season. Thank you to Alexis Riso for submitting these two photos.



This house was decorated with white lights, gold and red tinsel, and some very festive red bows. This house gives off a feeling of being at the North Pole with Santa, the reindeers, and the elves. Thank you to Chloe Mosca for submitting these two photos.


This house was decorated with a lovely wreath, with a festive red bow, alongside menorahs that are lit every new day of Hanukkah. Thank you to Lea Veigl for submitting these photos!


My family and I decided to decorate our house with some bright lights, a Christmas tree, and some festive ornaments. Our decorations give off a feeling of a warm and cozy winter night.

So, even during these times, we can still find a way to celebrate the holidays, and we can still find fun activities to do. Even if you just drive by to see the lights, or  putting up some new decorations to keep the holiday cheer alive!