CPHS Key Club: Frogging

Leila Naraine and Cristina Posillico

Leila Naraine and Cristina Posillico

Hana Zhang

The Carle Place Key Club and Carle Place Educational Foundation Inc. have been spreading Carle Place pride through “frogging” local families! Key Club members have been placing frogs in front of community members’ houses at night who have been “frogged”. When the family wakes up, they’ll be surprised to see an army of frogs on their front lawn! 

Shannon Wagner, Kayla Buffolino, and Ryan Wagner

Not only is this a fun service event to be involved in, it is also for a great cause! The money raised from frogging will go towards funding student scholarships, teacher grants, and events such as the Fine Arts Dinner. 

Chloe Santos and Sanjana Soni

To learn more about Frogging, click this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/77WYLB6