Esther’s Theater: Girl vs. Monster

Esther Kang, WRITER

Halloween Movies: Girl vs. Monster

Disney+ has a section called “Halloween collection” where Disney Halloween movies and Halloween episodes of series can be found. In that collection, is a movie called Girl vs. Monster starring Olivia Holt. It was released in 2012 and I’ve watched it every year since. Disney Channel plays it every October but you can also watch it on Disney+.

Girl vs. Monster plot:

Disney Channel’s Girl vs. Monster

Skylar Lewis (Olivia Holt) has never been nervous to take a test and had confidence. She never had fear, she was never scared. Her friends Henry (Brendan Meyer) and Sadie (Kerris Dorsey) have an overwhelming amount of fear. Henry gets bullied and is terrified to stand up for himself. Sadie is nervous when it comes to schoolwork and has a fear of public speaking. On Halloween night, Skylar is ready to go to the Halloween Bash but her parents make her stay in and use alarms to make sure she doesn’t leave. Skylar’s parents are monster hunters and know that Halloween night is the best time for monsters to take over. Skylar snuck out and cut the power but when she did, all the monsters were set free. Skylar’s monster Deimata was one of the monsters set free. She learned that “fear creates monsters.” Skylar’s parents’ friend Cobb, told Skylar and her friends that being scared gives monsters more power. Skylar, Henry and Sadie went to the Halloween Bash to escape. Deimata took over Myra and went to the party and locked the gate. Everyone at the party was scared, giving monsters an advantage. The monsters even took over Ryan, the boy Skylar liked and kidnapped Skylar’s parents. It’s up to Skylar to save her parents and the rest of the world from the monsters with the help of Cobb, Sadie and Henry.

My review:

I’ve watched this movie every year since 2012 and the songs in this movie are really good. The setting looks like how it would on Halloween. The fall colors and “Calling All the Monsters” by China Anne McClain  makes it a Halloween movie. This movie teaches the lesson that everyone has fears but you have to face them. Denying your fears will only make it worse. When you face your fears, you become stronger. People will encourage your fears and remind you of why you should be scared, but it creates your monsters and it creates your insecurities. It’s okay to be scared but you can’t let it control you, because then it’ll hold you back.