40 Ideas To Stay Productive!



Hana Zhang, Contributor

Although we’re all stuck at home, we should still be productive! On top of completing all of your schoolwork, you can try to learn a new skill, watch a new movie, or try a new recipe. 

With all this time, the possibilities are endless. The Key Club Executive Board came up with “Keeping Up With The Key Club.” This is a checklist of 40 ideas in which you can complete to ensure a productive time out of school. 

Checklist created by Key Club Advisor, Ms. Buffalino-Minkoff along with the help of the Key Club Executive Board.

Screenshot the checklist, fill it out, post it on your Instagram story, and tag @cphs_keyclub_!


Samantha Wagner (2020) completed an arts-n-craft project.

Here is a book review for a book I just finished so you can complete “Read A New Book”: 

Replica by Lauren Oliver

Human replicas are born on a highly guarded private island named the Haven Institute. Those human replicas are experiments and are only known by their numbers. The girl who’s narrative we follow is Lyra, or number 24. She meets a boy named 72. They escape the locked doors due to an explosion. On their journey, they seek out the true intentions behind the Haven Institute. Along the way, they meet a girl named Gemma. Gemma is on a journey to figure out more about her past. Lyra and Gemma’s stories mirror each other: if you flip the book on the front side you get Lyra’s story, but if you turn it over and upside down, you can follow along with Gemma’s story. 

I’ve never read a book in this style before, it’s certainly unique! I started with Lyra’s story first and then Gemma’s. It’s like 2 separate books in one. Lauren Oliver recommends either reading each girl’s story separately, or you can alternate chapters. This book reminds me of The 5th Wave in the same aspect that there are kids who are trapped in a private place with unknown intentions. The kids in The 5th Wave stay at Camp Haven and are trained to fight the aliens who have devastated Earth.

Replica by Lauren Oliver