Study Tips!

How to study more efficiently!


Claudelle Cortez, Writer

Hey everyone! I am going to get straight to the point and list 6 study tips for your exams that I use and have found online that are effective. Number one, clean your desk or study area. Having a clean and cleared space to study can really help you be less stressed about something which can lead to better focus on the study material. For me I usually clean my desk by getting rid of all the messes like loose pens or pencils all over the desk or all the random stuff that I never cleared off my desk. Then I place all of the material I’m going to study. This also helps me with having an easier time studying since everything is organized and neat. Number two, create flashcards using index cards or quizlet or any other method that works for you. I find that flashcards help me with memorization of terms and concepts. Flashcards also allow you to efficiently study and interact with what you are studying. Plus creating the flashcards is also another way to review and study since you are going over the material. Number three, do practice questions if provided by the teacher or go on the internet and search them up. One of the best ways to study is to do practice questions, this is pretty self explanatory. Number four, join study groups or study with your friends. This can allow you to expand your knowledge on the material by having multiple people to study with. You can also go to them when you have questions or need help with anything. Number five, take breaks when studying. This is also pretty self explanatory but taking small and short breaks when studying helps me to pace myself and not feel so overwhelmed. You can eat a quick snack, listen to music, use your phone, or anything you want but it has to be quick (maybe 5-10 minutes) so that you don’t lose your track of studying. Number six, space out your studying! Although it’s already midterm week, for future exams like finals you should space out your study time over the span of a week or however you’d like instead of cramming all into one night. Study for a moderate amount of time everyday over the span of a while so that you are less stressed and overwhelmed. I hope these help and good luck on future exams!