One Day at a Time


Kara Yim and Sanjana Soni

One Day at a Time is a Netflix original series that follows three generations of a Cuban-American family navigating the

The cast members of “One Day at a Time”. From left to right: Isabella Gomez, Todd Grinnell, Justina Machado, Rita Moreno, and Marcel Ruiz.

ups and downs of life. One Day at a Time is a hilarious and heartfelt comedy about a newly-single mom and military veteran who is dealing with PTSD journeys through the tribulations that come with raising two strong-willed, mega-millennial children, all the while enlisting the “help” of her old-school mother and her building manager. The re-imagination of the original CBS sitcom tackles issues like mental illness, immigration, sexism, homophobia, and racism that Latinos living in the United States face. Through a contemporary lens, One Day at a Time offers a glimpse at what life looks like, in good times and bad, and how those around you somehow make it all worthwhile. 


One Day at a Time does an amazing job at addressing serious modern day issues but also still making the audience laugh. Each character has their own unique personality that most people watching can relate to. There is incredible diversity within the cast with most of the characters being Latino and LGBTQ+ representation. There may not be a lot of representation within the television shows that people are watching nowadays, which can make some people feel alone or out of place. One Day at a Time does not let the audience feel alone for a second. The way this show is written and produced, it feels like the Alvarez family is right behind you every step of the way. 


This show also discusses many humanitarian causes, such as gun violence, sexism, and the current abuse of substances by teenagers. The script wonderfully addresses these issues without putting down the other point of view. When there is a clash of opinions, there is a thoughtful and respectful discussion between the characters to not put down a side. The point of views are biased considering the character’s background but they still do a good job at raising awareness.

One Day at a Time was a Netflix Original show, however, when Netflix ended the show, the fans protested and eventually succeeded in having the show kept running. It now is owned by PopTV and premieres in March of 2020. The actual date has not been announced, but the creator of the show, Gloria Calederón Kellett, has been keeping fans updated on Twitter. Hope you enjoy the show!