What To Watch: “Nailed It! Holiday!”

Hana Zhang, Contributor

Since winter break is finally coming soon, you should watch “Nailed It! Holiday!” Season 2 on Netflix to get into the holiday spirit! This is a baking show with a twist: the three contestants have no professional baking experience. They are either self-taught (and not that great), or have little-to-no experience at all. This competition is all about failure. It is sure to elicit a good laugh! It’s amusing to see expectations vs. reality in their baked goods. Home-bakers with a terrible track records try to recreate holiday-themed masterpieces in hopes of coming home with the $10,000 prize. When the contestants reveal their baked goods, they usually never come close to what they were supposed to recreate. 

One of the baked goods that the contestants were trying to recreate.
The attempt of one of the contestants for the previous image. She definitely did not nail it!
The host, Nicole Byer (left). On the right are some examples of failed recreations of the holiday-themed masterpieces.

The hosts are memorable, and only add to the laughter. Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres are the two hosts. Nicole is a lively, jubilant host who is full of corny holiday puns. Jacques Torres is a real baker with professional experience. He is a pastry chef and chocolatier. He demonstrates how to actually make the baked goods that the contestants will be attempting. 

From left to right: Guest host Maya Rudolph, Host Nicole Byer, and Co-Host Jacques Torres

Nailed It! earned an Emmy nomination in 2019 for Outstanding Competition Program. The first season of Nailed It! premiered in 2018. It quickly became a fan favorite, and many are begging for more seasons.