Meet the Candidates for the 2022-2023 School Year


Hudson Hsieh, Contributor

The 2022-2023 election season heats up as school enters the last full week of classes. With the vote being held this Thursday, it’s important to know in advance who in your grade is running for a position. This guide can help you to make an informed decision on who you think will make the best officers in the upcoming school year. Remember that your class officers will be responsible to plan grade wide events such as Homecoming, fundraisers, and Battle of the Classes.

Note: *Student Organization is separate from Class Officers*

The candidates:


President: Carolina Viegas

Vice President: Isabella Cezario 

Secretary: Lorelei Gorman 

Treasurer: Megan Rice 

SO Grade Representative: N/A



President: Samira Azam

Vice President: Adina Fiderer

Secretary: Marufa Mashud, Jack Veneziano 

Treasurer: Aryanna Perea 

SO Grade Representative: Jake Santos, Sophia Pittoni



President: Tatiana Castillo, Eliana Lamhaouhi

Vice President: Blake Lyons, Julianna Verdade

Secretary: Ava Henglein

Treasurer: Gabriel Pereira, Kaitlyn McGovern, Paige Selhorn

SO Grade Representative: Kerri Morgan, Sierra Weilert, Angelina Daniel, Paul Narraine, Jake Delio



President: Jenna Cavallaro 

Vice President: Renee Wen

Secretary: John Hoisik 

Treasurer: Sanjana Soni 

SO Grade Representative: Mia Babino, Maria Norman



President: Tommy Venezia

Vice President: Olivia Docyk 

Secretary: Logan Martins 

Treasurer: Christeen DeOliveira

Public Relations: Caitlin Leary