Grim Reapers in Carle Place


Hana Zhang, Editor-In-Chief

Grim Reaper Day:  A day for the dead to tell their stories. Grim reaper day sheds the light on the negative effects of drunk driving and destructive decisions. Not only does drunk driving affect the victims, but also the victims’ families and friends.

Grim Reaper Day was hosted by the Students Against Drunk Driving club. Students dressed in black for remembrance of victims of drunk driving.

About every 50 minutes, there is another victim of drunk driving. (CDC) According to the US department of transportation, there have been 10,142 deaths from drunk-driving crashes in 2019. In 2016, 28% of all traffic-related deaths in the US were drunk-drinking-related. 

According to Statista, 10.7% of high school students in Arkansas drive a car (or any other vehicle) under the influence. The months when summer vacation begins are the months that have the highest alcohol-related fatalities (May – 9.1%, June – 9.3%, July – 9.3%). (Traffic Safety Facts)

We implore you to think before getting into a car with someone next time. All of these deaths could have been prevented.