Tips for the Last Few Weeks of School 

Norah Gaulrapp

Tips for the Last Few Weeks of School 

By: Norah Gaulrapp 

School is ending really fast. Finals are coming up for everyone so here are some tips to help you prepare for them! 

#1: Be more organized: Being organized can help you a lot. It can help you find notes from class and it could help you study. Some things that I do to keep organized that could help you is writing in color, keeping everything in 1 folder, and in my backpack I keep my books and folders by my classes.  

#2: Wake up early: If you wake up early before finals, it could help you prepare what you need for them. It also helps you too because if you wake up early and you forgot to study, then you´ll have a little more time to study. 

#3: Keep Notes: Keeping notes can help you a lot to remember things. You can write notes on your phone to remind you when to study for finals or any tests/quizzes that are coming up. For example, on the day of one of the finals if you forget which room your supposed to go to, you can have a note on your phone to remind you so that you´re not late. 

#4: Write Neat: Writing neat is another thing that could help you with finals and any other tests/quizzes. If you write neatly, it would be a lot easier to read your notes to help you study.