CPMSHS Spring Play: Sound of Music Overview

CPMSHS Spring Play: Sound of Music Overview

Katherine Mazaroski

Sound of Music Overview

By: Katherine Mazaroski 

The High School Play this year was decided to be “Sound of Music”. The only question is: how will a theater production come out while produced in a pandemic? The solution to that problem has been discovered. 

As actors, they have been acting in front of a live performance their entire lives. How do you exactly put on a show without being able to HAVE a live audience? Their solution was recordings. Every performer memorized their lines or songs, and when they were ready, they recorded their lines by themselves, with the help of Mr. Limone, of course, and in costume as it would appear on opening night. After all the lines ad songs were recorded, they were stitched together to create the lovely show that we have now. Opening night was Friday, April 16th. Flyers were in the school hallways, and tickets were listed as well along with prices. Enjoy the show and have a great day!