Nassau County Museum Of Art

Sanjana Soni, Writer


        This Wednesday Carle Place’s Culture Vultures went on a trip to the Nassau County’s Museum of Art. The Museum is located inside of an old mansion called the “Clayton”. It was formerly owned by Henry Clay Frick. It is rumored that Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, the author of The Great Gatsby, spent some time at the “Clayton” and its 145 acre outdoor land when he wanted to escape his normal life with his wife. People also suggest that Fitzgerald gained inspiration from his summer house and added it to The Great Gatsby. For example, Daisy’s house was most likely created out of the foundation from the “Clayton”. The art in the museum was very different, some artists used paint while others used rocks, tires, string, and metal. It was very inspiring trying to figure out the true meaning of each art piece. When the Culture Vultures went on the trip the theme was “Heroines of Abstract Expressionism and FEM”. This exhibition showcased art generally made by women artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning, and other trailblazers of Abstract Expressionism, the most exciting movement in American art history. These highlights are all from an extraordinary private collection brought together by Richard P. Friedman and Cindy Lou Wakefield, among the world’s top collectors of Contemporary art. The trip was very interesting, I highly recommend going. If you are a Carle Place student, Culture Vultures is a club filled with learning experiences. Since Carle Place is a very small town it will help students explore beyond our one square mile. To learn more about the Museum click on the link below.