Key Club Announces “Frogging” to bring light to the times of the Coronavirus

Sanjana Soni , Writer

Sanjana Soni October 31 2020

This season Key Club is “Frogging” people of the Carle Place Community. Since Coronavirus has spread around the world, many clubs are unable to fundraise for their regular charities and scholarship grants. Carle Place High School’s Key Club developed a way to acquire scholarship grants while social distancing called Frogging. The main idea of Frogging is that the people of the community sign up to put up lawn posts that look like frogs on another person of their choice’s lawn. When recipients wake up, they will be surprised with lawn frogs and receive a flyer that states they were “frogged” and then encouraged to frog another family. The lawn signs will be set up and moved on to the next house. After they sign up to prank their friend the 2-3 Key Club members go to the house and put up the lawn posts. All proceeds will benefit the Carle Place Educational Foundation Inc. Committee, which aims to support student scholarships, teacher grants and events like the Fine Arts Dinner. The process is very innovative for the circumstance that schools are currently in while creating a sense of community in these stressful times of the pandemic. So far about a dozen or so houses have been frogged and many more are awaiting, if you are Carle Place resident and are interested in frogging a friend, please fill out the form which can be found at the end of this article. For more information, click here: