A Recap of Safe, Fun Halloween Activities in 2020


Photo taken from https://www.iloveny.com/things-to-do/fall/halloween/.

Bella Ghayas and Norah Gaulrapp

Photo taken from https://www.iloveny.com/things-to-do/fall/halloween/.

A Recap of Safe, Fun Halloween Activities 2020

While the Halloween activities we’re used to were on pause this year, here are some ideas we came up with and saw in our community to keep the spooky fun going while staying safe from high-risk exposure to COVID-19.  

Idea One: Decorate and carve pumpkins! 

One of Halloween’s best traditions is decorating and carving pumpkins. This can also be a fun outdoor and socially distanced activity for you and the people in your social bubble. Or, host a pumpkin decorating contest virtually using a video chat app. Grab some pumpkins from your local grocery store (whatever size) and decorate them with supplies like colored pencils, construction paper, glue, etc.

Idea Two: Have your friends and family do a drive by! 

We definitely recommend, and so do local health departments, drive-through events where participants remain in their vehicles and drive through an area with Halloween displays or drive-in events where individuals can receive a treat bag (limited to commercially packaged, non-perishable treats) or take-away items from an organizer while the staying in their cars.

Idea Three: Bake Halloween-themed treats! 

Instead of candy this year, hop on Pinterest and search up Halloween baking ideas and grab some ideas. Invite some friends over and have some fun attempting to bake them. Don’t burn down the house while doing it! 

Idea Four: Set up a candy hide and seek!

Ask your parents, or do it yourself, to hide individually wrapped candy throughout the house or yard, and let you and your friends, or just yourself go find it. Or, better yet, map out a scavenger hunt with clues to where you hid the candy!

Idea Five: Have fun with a Halloween piñata!

Get a piñata to fill with individually wrapped candy and hang it outside. Your friends and yourself can dress up in their favorite Halloween costumes and take turns hitting the piñata with a broom, handle or bat until the candy falls out. Take it a step further and make a piñata out of recycled material and art supplies to decorate as a spooky Halloween creation.

Idea Six: Still want to trick or treat?

We are recommending families put tables outdoors, at the end of their driveways or in front of their homes, with candy spread out on top for children to grab as they pass. A similar concept is popping up in local neighborhoods. If you go actual trick or treating, please wear a mask and gloves if you can and stay safe!