The Umbrella Academy: A Review

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Christian Ferrandina, Writer, Contributor

The Umbrella Academy

One of the most popular TV shows on Netflix, “The Umbrella Academy”, blows its viewers away with its “great actors in quirky, dark, and violent comic adaptations,” says Common Sense Media. Not only that, but many websites also gave “The Umbrella Academy” very positive ratings. For example, IMDb gave it an 8/10 and Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 82% overall, and a 75% rating for season 1and a 90% rating for  season 2.  As you can see, “The Umbrella Academy” increased popularity from its most recent release of Season 2. In the show, there are 7 main characters with superhuman abilities:

  1. Number 1: Luther- born with super strength 
  2. Number 2: Deago-born with the power to curve knives a will
  3. Number 3: Allison-born with the power to mind control by telling its victim “I heard a rumor”
  4. Number 4: Klaus-born with the power to see and talk to the dead and temporally bring the dead to the real world 
  5. Number 5: born with the power to teleport to anywhere he wants, he is also able to time travel.
  6. Number 6: Ben-killed in his youth, but is able to transform into a giant squid monster that destroys anything in his way 
  7. Number 7: Vania- the most powerful of the 7 and is able to control and manipulate sounds at will to cause things like giant shock waves to take out her opponents

 In The Umbrella Academy, the plot of Season 1 is that Number 5 time travels into the future and sees that the world ends and he and his siblings must find a way to stop it. The Plot of Season 2 is that Number 5 saves his family by time traveling into 1960, but this causes a new doomsday that is caused by nuclear war. Overall, in my opinion, The Umbrella academy was one of Netflix’s best shows and I hope it won’t end soon. You should check it out! 

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