Freaky Friday Auditions!!

Freaky Friday Auditions!!

Lauren Deninno

This year’s Student run production is still happening!

Despite the rest of this school year being virtual, this year’s summer show program is still happening. Everything will start off virtually to ensure the safety of the students involved. Interested in auditioning? Here’s all the information:

This year’s student run show is…..Freaky Friday the Musical! Freaky Friday tells the story of  a mother and daughter who do not understand how the other lives. Tensions arise between them as the Mother’s wedding is approaching in just one day. With the help of a magic hourglass, the mother and daughter end up switching bodies! The two must learn to live as the other for a day and frantically search for a way to switch back before the wedding.

The audition process for this show will be happening virtually. Students will send in a video of themselves singing a snippet of a song from musical theatre.

The singing requirements are as follows:

-You must state your name, the grade you are entering in the fall of 2020, and the song you are singing.

-You must be seen on camera at all times. That being said, you must be the only one seen in the video.

-Please try to find a blank background and a quiet room to record your video. When you are recording, please record the video horizontally.

-All audition videos are to be sent to this email: [email protected]

There is also a dance audition, also to be sent through video form. While the dance portion of the audition is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended to be considered for a featured dancer or lead role.

Dance Requirements:


-Please learn the choreography shown in the video above. Feel free to pause, rewind, or rewatch the video as many times as you need!

-Record yourself performing the dance to the best of your abilities. If there are any other skills you would like to show us, feel free to do so.

Google Form Requirements:

In addition to the videos, you must fill out a Google Form Contract showing that you and your parents are aware of the commitment you are making. This contract must be filled out by students AND their parents. Follow this link to fill out the form.

No audition videos will be accepted without the submitting of this form. 

Due dates for auditions:

For 6th Graders: June 10th

For Middle School: June 16th

For High School: June 20th

Videos may be submitted prior to the deadline, but please do not be late on the deadlines. After auditions, we will be holding callbacks over the program Zoom on Tuesday, June 23rd and Wednesday June 24th. If you have received a callback, you will be notified shortly after the due date for audition videos. Please note: Audition videos will not be shared with anyone besides the Production Team members who are casting the show. We respect your privacy and will not share or use the videos for any other reason than casting.  

If you are planning on joining the cast for the show, please join the Remind class using the code: @cpsrtc2020. This code can be texted to the number 81010 or used through the Remind app. Important information, such as callbacks and the cast list, will be announced through the remind app.

Join the Remind Class!

The dates of the show are September 11th and 12th, 2020. All rehearsals will be held over the summer from 11-1 Monday-Friday. Rehearsals will begin over the program Zoom, however, as there are less restrictions due to Covid-19 we will be able to begin to meet in person. We want to assure you that the health and safety of our students is a priority. We will not meet in person until it is safe to do so.

If you have any questions for us, feel free to contact us at our email, [email protected] or through the Remind app.

For more in-depth information about auditions, see the links and video below.

Production Team Members

Director: Lauren Deninno ’22

Producer: Nicholas Pascarella ’21

Musical Director: Kristina Yim ’20

Choreographer: Harleigh Buck ’22

Stage Managers: Rolphy Biraeux ’21 & Jenn Jiminez ’21

Costume Manager: Victoria Argenzio ’21

Lighting Manager: Shelby Zedlovich ’22

Sound Manager: Elizabeth Guzman ’21