Advice by Sophia: Question 5


Sophia Pittoni, Writer

I kept getting a bunch of questions about fake friends, so I am just going to generally answer why someone would be a fake friend or why you would think they are.

Fake friends are people that pretend to be your friend for whatever reason. Sometimes people become your fake friend because they want something out of you or what you have. Sometimes they do it because they are jealous of you or want to annoy you. Usually fake friends do not start out as fake friends. They usually want to be your friend at first, but then they either don’t like you or another one of their friends doesn’t like you.

Q: How do you deal with fake friends?

A: The most important thing you can do is drop them. If they aren’t treating you right do not be their friend. You might be like: ” but I  love them and what to be their friend.” Do not let this feeling fool you. If they are not treating you the right way, it would appear that they don’t want to be your friend and you can’t help that. Sometimes you can’t tell if they are being fake, but if you think they are drop them. I know this is easier said than done, but in the long run, dropping fake friends may seem rough, but it will leave room to make REAL new friends.